Australia Parliament approaches to control asylum seekers


The Australia Parliament detains asylum seekers to keep them in control.

Number of asylum seekers arrived Australia is rising. Two hundreds and seventy eight boats arrived at Australia in 2012.

Liberal Party Goldstein Federal Member Andrew Robb said, “We need to be able to demonstrate that we can control who comes in and under what circumstances they are coming.”

Australians’ attitude towards refugees is negative. Monash University Politics lecturer Waleed Aly said, “Australians are very compassionate towards boat people when they’re not coming.”

Melbourne Asylum Seeker Resource Center Campaign Manager Pamela Curr said, ”The high court has agreed, under Australian law, the law has the right to detain a person for their entire life.”

Immigrant Detention Policy manages to keep asylum seekers in Christmas Island. “The only way you can be released from detention, is if you get a visa or you are deported,” said Pamela Curr.

“As the boats come, Australians’ compassion for the boat people was to disappear again,” said Waleed Aly.

“If we took power again, we have to clean up this mess, but the objective would be to stop people coming,” said Andrew Robb.