Melbourne’s water recycling policy still in cocoon


(Melbourne Eastern Sewage Treatment Plant)

Environmentalists said Melbourne could save more water if it adopted a proper water policy.

State Government doesn’t support water recycling policy. Sustainable Water Use Expert, Dr Grace Mitchell said, “I don’t think we should just rule it out and just take it off the table.”

Singapore’s reclaimed water shows the actual efficacy in using recycled water.

Water recycling policy debate didn’t go on public. Environment Victoria’s CEO, Kelly O’Shanassy said, “And the government just say we are not going to drink sewage.”

Melbournians are drinking small amount of recycled sewage because of sewage treatment plant. “When you purify recycled water, it is cleaner than the water that in the Yarra River right now. Once they understand it, they are willing to give a go,” said Kelly O’Shanassy.

Water recycling policy involves two classes of recycled water. Class A recycled water is safe to use in agriculture. The other class is able to be drunk and put it back into dams.

“If you did that you could use much more of the recycled water, we can save at least a hundred and fifty billions litres of water a year,” said Kelly O’Shanassy.


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