Experts’ solution for Melbourne’s traffic congestion


Melbourne’s traffic congestion arrested transport experts’ concern in easing its seriousness. Experts consider using London congestion tax system as a possible solution.

The Melbourne’s traffic will grow for 20% more in the next 10 years. Congestion is getting greater with this growth. The worsened traffic costs the Melbourne economy 3 billions dollars a year and will double in 2020.

Monash University’s Chair of Public Transport, Professor Graham Currie said, “What we need is some kind of mechanism to help us to solve the congestion problem in the same time fund the solution.”

Congestion tax system worked well in London and created money for other positive purpose like funding the system. “It reduces congestion because people don’t like it,” said Professor Graham Currie.

Public Transport Users’ Association President, Daniel Bowen said, “It (congestion tax system) is certainly worth considering.”

Its success depends on whether the public transport standard will allow people to switch from cars to public transport.

“If it does happen, we got to make sure the money goes to improve things in transport,” said Daniel Bowen. If Melbourne introduces the congestion tax system, the extra amount of money should be carefully spent to improve the transportation’s infrastructure.


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